October 10, 2012


Wellness Retreats

Wellness Retreats will be held at Active At Altitude, a residential lodge in Estes Park. More details regarding current camps and retreats can be found on www.activeataltitude.com.

Wellness Retreats – dates and times to follow

Womens Running Camp

By Caryn Honig MEd RD LD

Two weeks ago I decided I needed a break from life so I signed up for a running camp in the mountains in Estes Park, Colorado. Yes, a running camp in Colorado! Why you ask? Because I love running, I needed a break, I am always wanting to get faster, I needed a change, I needed a new challenge. It just felt like the right decision at the time.
I had not idea what to expect…..

What I got was so much more than I ever could have imagined. The runs were very challenging (at times I thought I might throw up) but the views were spectacular. We saw wildlife, waterfalls, snow, flowers, rocks, hikers, and more. We did trail running, pool running, sprints, tempo runs, and a few easy runs. The runs were both long and short; up and down. We also did CrossFit (I could have done without that) and indoor mountain climbing (fun and different).

The food was incredible (a husband and wife run the camp and cook the meals). The food was plentiful, wholesome, and NOTHING WAS DIET!!! Yeah. Lots of vegetarian options, homemade breads and muffins, fresh fruit and vegetables, homemade desserts. Just wholesome, good food.

The shopping in town was wonderful. Estes Park is a quaint little mountain town with wonderful boutiques and artsy shops.

Most of all, however, the 5 women who were strangers at first truly connected. We all truly supported one another with love and compassion. There was none of the cattiness or competitiveness that often happens when you put a group of women together. All of us are going through and working through a difficult time in our lives and we were able to talk about it and process it with one another. There was no judgement; only love and support.

It truly was a life-changing experience. The 5 of us have already planned our reunion….at a marathon in Baton Rouge. We have made life-long friends and will continue running and supporting one another. Meeting these incredible women from around the country ( and one was from Canada) was the most rewarding part of the camp experience.

The name of the camp is Active At Altitude in case you want to truly challenge yourself, run in the mountains, eat great food and connect with others.