October 17, 2012

Single Therapeutic Treatments


Detoxifying Herbal Body Wrap : $85 for a 60 minute session

Including a relaxing facial massage with steamy sage scented towels and herbal scrub. This balanced blend of 27 herbs and minerals was originally developed to help cleanse the skin. However, people started to notice a side benefit, they were losing inches!  Herbs include: Alfalfa – a rich source of vitamins and minerals, Bladderwrack – an algae high in iodine, a skin tonic and nutrient, Burdock Roots – used effectively for all types of skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, Comfrey Root Powder – used externally to heal bruises, sprains and swelling, Dandelion – a promoter of healthy circulation, a detoxifier and rich source of potassium and vitamin A, Ginger – to relieve aches and pains, Red Clover – to purify the blood, cleanse the system of impurities and Aloe Vera to cleanse, soothe, hydrate and heal the skin.

Aromatic Steam Treatments

Boost your metabolism, lose weight, detoxify,ease sore muscles & joints, relax and rejuvenate.  Enjoy a massage and/or body polish, followed by an aromatic steam treatment and finishing with a moisturizing body butter.

Raindrop Therapy : $85 for a 60 minute session

The Raindrop Technique, inspired by a Native American legend, has been used for years as a highly effective method for balancing and rejuvenating the mind and body. Nine essential oils are used which can bring about electrical alignment and help relieve a variety of discomforts caused by imbalances in the body, especially found in the spine. Essential oils have a unique ability to penetrate cell membranes and diffuse throughout the blood and tissues. The unique, lipid-soluble structure of essential oils is very similar to the makeup of our cell membranes.  The molecules of essential oils are also relatively small, which enhances their ability to penetrate into the cells.  The oils are dispensed like little drops of rain (hence the name) from a height of about six inches above the back and very lightly massaged along the vertebrae and back muscles. 

Massage & Reflexology : $105 for a 90 minute session

A 60 minute therapeutic massage followed by 30 minutes of Reflexology. Reflexology is the application of appropriate pressure to specific points and areas on the feet, hands, or ears. These areas and reflex points correspond to different body organs and systems and  applying pressure has a beneficial effect on the organs and person’s general health.

Ionic Bath : $40 for a 40 minute session

Try the detoxifying and healing powers of water. Relax and soak your feet whilst your body rids itself of unwanted toxins, followed by a Japanese foot massage. 

European Facials – hot steamed, infused towels : $85 for a 60 minute session

Treat yourself to total relaxation and rejuvenation with a European facial, using our organic, non-toxic product lines and mud masques. Includes hand, foot, and head massage.

The Express 90 : $100 for a 90 minute session

A 60 minute therapeutic massage, followed by a 30 minute facial 

The Express 60 : $65 for a 60 minute session

A 30 minute facial followed by 30 minutes focused hand and foot massage.

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