June 30, 2016

Health & Wellness

There is a growing body of knowledge that documents the mind’s influence on our health, as well as on disease.  Psychoneuroimmunology is a term to describe the interaction between a person’s emotional state, the function of the nervous system and the immune system.  When someone is feeling upbeat, their mood and attitude can have a huge influence on that person’s function and health system – the immune system tends to function much better. When someone is angry or depressed, where there is chronic stress, the immune system tends to be depressed and has a harder time functioning well.  Experiments have shown that people watching difficult, challenging movies resulted in the immunity system being depressed and where shown happy, beautiful, visually appealing movies, the immune system showed improvement.

We may not be able to control all the stress in our lives but we can actively work at reducing it by limiting our exposure to stressors whether those are environmental, emotional or physical challenges. Since the lymphatic system is important here, besides healthy nutrition, breathing exercises and physical activity can be extremely important in keeping us in balance.  Every time the body is in suspension, the immunity system is activated.

Optimum health and wellness is to take an holistic path to support both mind and body