October 10, 2012

Nutrition Consultation


The underlying principles – Optimum nutrition, whole foods, organic in nature, biochemical individuality.

Given that one of the expanding epidemics in this country is diabetes, one of the benefits of holistic nutrition consultation is to encourage weight loss, weight management and balanced blood/sugar level. Consultation can educate on what causes obesity and what some of the terms thrown around like ‘fatty liver’ mean. A Nutrition Consultant can prepare a personalized lifestyle program for you that not only looks at nutrition but also lifestyle changes. 

  • One to one consultation in a private, secure setting – to allow you the space and safety to discuss personal issues with me.  My office is a space that I believe allows you to give yourself this special time.  It is comfortable and private and all information gathered is held in strict confidence.
  • Assessments and health evaluation – can provide great insight into how lifestyle plays a critical role in your health. Becoming familiar with who you are, reviewing your current nutrition and lifestyle through evaluation, assessments and the use of software tools, I can design a personalized health and wellness program for you.
  • Education and advice to support your goal – my time with you is about educating on how to fulfil a happier, healthier life. You’ll receive practical tips on shopping, cooking, and recipes, how to read food labels, information regarding supplements and herbs, the opportunity to purchase these and advice regarding exercise to help you work towards a healthier lifestyle
  • Build your personalized/customized complete nutrition and/or exercise schedule for your own smartphone
  • $100/90+ minutes – Initial Consultation
  • $ 60/60 minutes – Follow Up Consultations



  • Learn about the body, the food and exercise to support a vibrant, healthy lifestyle.  Have fun experimenting with and tasting recipes in a social kitchen atmosphere.  More information regarding Workshops coming soon …IMG_24055473790679_04610a557b_b