October 7, 2012

Holistic Nutrition

IMG_2386Why you are unique and so is your nutrition

Did you  know that your dietary needs are as individual as your footprint? Your stamp on life or genetic blueprint individualizes who you are and determines your nutritional needs.  It is known as Biochemical Individuality and means your body knows what it needs to be healthy and fit.

Learn how to support your body with the right foods

Nutrient-Rich Foods – are foods that provide the body with a high percentage of vitamin and mineral goodness per calorie. So often we hear of “empty calories”, these are foods that usually provide plenty of calories but with low or very low nutrient value, mostly “white foods” which are refined or processed.  So we can think of nutrient-rich foods as the opposite or “full calories”.

Organic, Whole Foods – to eat the very best food, is to eat organic, whole foods. You complement your whole body with whole foods.  Just as you need to be whole to remain healthy so does our food, not compromised by refinement, genetic modification or processed.

Detoxification – the body will naturally detoxify and will do this every day.  What determines how well the body copes with toxin load is based on lifestyle, genetics, biochemical individuality, or our individual biochemical factors that influence our immune system, health, behavior and personality.  A detox protocol whether related to a health issue or for long term maintenance to support the natural detoxification processes of the body requires a very individualized and specific program whether devised by oneself or by a specialist.

Metabolic Syndrome – affects about 47 million Americans.  If you have more than three of these factors you may be diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome – large waist size, triglyceride levels higher than 150 mg/dl, low HDL cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and fasting blood sugar levels of over 100 mg/dl. Most people with MS are overweight, apple shaped and if left unchecked often leads to type 2 diabetes and increased risk for cardiovascular disease.

Pain Management and Inflammation – Inflammation is caused when there is damage to cells or tissues. Several factors can cause inflammation to get out of control – genetics, translocation of bacteria, dysbiosis, diet – the standard American diet (SAD) and Leaky Gut. Specific nutrition can help with pain and the healing process.