May 1, 2020


Client Intake Form

All clients will be asked to complete a client intake form which has been updated with questions regarding CoVID-19. This must be completed and returned before an appointment.

Cancellation Policy

Normal Cancellation Policy now applies

Sanitation protocol

To avoid overlap of clients in the massage space, a longer period between clients will be adopted. This time will be used to thoroughly clean the work space. Hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes and facial tissues will be on hand.

Practice protocol

All clients will be expected to wear a face mask if not fully vaccinated.

Please refer to the Screening CoVID-19 Checklist on the website before arriving for your appointment.

Clients at Risk

At this time all clients who have stricter and extended shelter-in-place recommendations including clients who are 65 years and older, and those with conditions such as heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, and suppressed immune systems will need to wait a little longer before making an appointment.